Lashes & Instagram Shopping

I am a sucker for eyelashes. Seriously, I love how much glamour/drama/pizzazz a set of falsies adds to a makeup look. Last week I stumbled upon this lovely lady's site for her eyelash tape - Fantabulash Tape. Yes, tape. Honestly I wanted to try them after just hearing about the product itself, but then I read Gina's story and I was hooked. Newest addition to my must try beauty item list!

Fantabulash Without Lashes
[Buy here]
This past week also brought my attention to many fun Instagram shopping accounts (this is my complete opinion, none of them are sponsoring/donating to me). The idea of shopping on Instagram is still weird/fun/new to me so here are some of the accounts I follow and my favorite pieces they have shown lately - all wishlist worthy!


[ Gold Sequin Pants | 36 ]


[ Cut Out Cross Top | 35 ]


[ Crochet Cutout Sweater | 33]


[ Baseball Tees | 23 ]


[ Lucy & Lyla Gold Foil Tees | 23.50 ]


[ Oversized Cowl Neck Tunic | 32 ]


[ Dusty Trails Blouse | 33 ]

I have never bought anything off of Instagram before so if you know any good boutiques to check out let me know!

This was kind of a different wishlist, but I thought it was time to shake it up.

Have a good Wednesday!

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