Post-Christmas and Feeling Blessed.

And we are back! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday week and spent lots of time with your family. After the week was over I had an overwhelming feeling of just being blessed. Blessed for all that I have and the family/friends that support me.

I am really excited to kick off the new year and I have so many ideas already flowing through my head.

I think the most impressive part of the week was the amount of time it took our family to take our family pictures. Literally, I think we set a record. Something about the youngest being 14 now and the rest of us being in college/graduated from college has made us cooperate a bit more. Now I am not saying it was perfect, because it wasn't, but it was really quick!

 photo fuhsgrandkids2014061_zps91821976.jpg
Our little family.
Isn't Remington photogenic? As soon as the camera starts snapping he is so well behaved and poses pretty for us.

 photo fuhsgrandkids2014045_zps5a96e6e9.jpg
The Graber clan (minus the parents)

 photo fuhsgrandkids2014013_zps5a175737.jpg
A combination of being blinded by the sun, frozen by the wind and my sister just being herself...
This picture just teases at how gorgeous my grandparents house is. It is so perfect and has an amazing view to boot!

 photo fuhsgrandkids2014078_zps7f6601a2.jpg
All the cousins with our amazing grandparents.
This is the picture I was surprised with, we all just got in our spot and smiled until Mom said we were done. No messing around. Growing up has done us all some good obviously.

The rest of the week was spent with all different groupings of our family, both my side and Nate's, Because this year was our year to travel south for Christmas (to be with my side of the family), Nate and I opened our presents early. Among those presents were our ornaments that we started as a tradition last year.

 photo IMG_20141228_231255_zpsng5yapn7.jpg

I got him the lion I wanted to get last year (it sold out before I could last year). He was a SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) in college, and their animal was a lion. His ornament to me is pretty self explanatory, I loved it!

Does anyone else do an annual ornament as a couple/family/friends? How about family pictures, anyone else's family really struggle to keep it together?

I hope you all walked away from this holiday season with a renewed feeling of blessedness (is that even a word?) like I did.

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