Friday's Favorites | January 16

I mean this is my life. Coffee always.

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Onto the favorites! Fair warning, this post is heavy on pictures and light on words.

These new Lippies

I received a Sephora gift card for Chistmas and went out and got these bad boys with it. The Bite one smells almost like citrus and the color is my new favorite. The Soap and Glory gloss is the perfect translucent/light pink/nude color to top anything basically. Finally the Buxom one was a cash in on points and actually ended up being almost identical in color to the Bite one. Oh well, I love them all!

 photo Capture2_zpsbcd3a5e8.jpg

This new hairdryer

I had waited forever to buy a new hairdryer, because I had borrowed one and it was working fine. However, I recently noticed it being a little too hot for my lightened locks to handle so I went in search of one that had multiple heat settings. Marshall's for the win, as always!

 photo Capture1_zps278935b1.jpg

My picture on the Komets website

It took a long time, but we are finally on the website!
 photo Komettes-wLogo2_zpsd67e5a27.jpg

(oh and this one in the photo-gallery)

 photo Capture_zps3712d8d7.jpg

Yup, not quite sure why I was laughing at this point.

These 5 Tips for Making More Money

Therese Pickett is sharing her 5 tips for making more money in 2015. Who wouldn't like to do that? 

These J-Lo Inspired Tutorials

After the golden globes, the beauty and fashion world is abuzz about J-Lo. I mean she looked great (as I said here). Anyway, these tutorials popped up on YouTube and are great if you want to achieve that Jennifer Lopez, Golden Globes look. I may just channel her this weekend!

Oh yea, and the fact it is Friday is always a favorite.
Source - TheBerry
Goodness I wish I could write like that! Hope you have a great Friday and an even greater weekend. Wish me luck in the Windy City!

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