Friday's Favorites | January 30

Another week bites the dust. Is it just me or has time been flying by lately? 

These Bathroom Purchases

 photo IMG_20150128_212830_zpsxqpnlfxd.jpg

I had been looking for a shower curtain that was long enough and simple forever! Finally I found one at Marshall's this week. We also finally found and installed hooks for our towels (our original towel rack fell off the wall like two weeks after we moved in).

These BuzzFeed Articles

I was a server from when I could drive until I graduated college. These struggles are so real.
Really though, if Disney Princesses were real this would have to be their hair.

The New Budweiser Commercial

I was overwhelmed with the cuteness of this one.

Justin Bieber's Apology

I honestly hope he is being authentic and really is changing (check it out if you missed it). Everyone messes up, it would be so nice to see someone turn their image around. Maybe there is still hope for Miley...

This Recipe

Chicken Soup with Veetee Rice recipe from Nancy of The Mama Maven.

These articles from my lovely sponsors:

These Pictures Made Me Smile

morning coffee 1111 Morning coffee (39 photos)

morning coffee 96 Morning coffee (39 photos)

morning coffee 365 Morning coffee (39 photos)

morning coffee 385 Morning coffee (39 photos)

And that is that. I have a weekend of hockey games ahead of me, anything special for you guys?

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