In a Hair Rut

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Everyone gets to this point. The time when no matter how you do it, you never like how your hair is styled. You get bored with it and then the urge to do something drastic comes in to the picture. Well I am there. I don't want to change the color, I love it how it is. I am good with the cut too, I mean every now and then I think about chopping it off but I get rid of that idea real quick. 

That leaves me with changing how I style it day to day. Normally it is down and straight. Maybe my bangs are pinned back on day one hair. Day two hair is usually in a headband or half back. Day three bun or braid. I mean it is like clockwork. So I am on the search for different ways to style my hair. 

Here are some tutorials I have found and liked so far. (some are things I do currently, but with a slight twist)

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What about you, ever get stuck in a hairstyle rut? How did you pull yourself out of it?

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