In the midst of it all, there is snow.

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great Monday morning, hopefully a warmer one than we are.

I mean now that I start complaining about the snow and how it can stop, really at any time, I remember there are worse things. Time to put on my big girl pants, bust out the Bean Boots and deal with it.

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So this weekend was fun. Friday we went to a surprise party for our friend (quarter century celebration) and I was about to fall asleep at like 10:00 p.m. I held on though, until about 11:30. Geesh it is bad how old I feel.

Saturday was hair appointment day. I had to get that taken care of to be picture perfect for my friend's bachelorette party next weekend. Watch out Chi-town. Then the rest of the daylight hours were spend cleaning, it was much needed. The night was filled with friends and a few drinks. We played some games and that was fun (when my phone would work). Again though, we were old and were home by 12:30.

Sunday is football day, if not for America at least in Indiana. We went and spent time with family during the Cowboys/Green Bay game. Then went home to cheer on the Colts. They were in Denver playing good ol' Payton, but we won!!! That was a good feeling. Some laundry followed and then we made popcorn and ate some chips and guac while watching the Golden Globes. I am so lucky that Nate will watch it with me, it makes it a lot easier. 

Tina and Amy were amazing, and definitely went out with a bang (pulled out the Bill Cosby jokes to top it off). There were so many heartwarming speeches too, you could tell everyone was genuinely happy and grateful to win the award they did (almost cried when Gina Rodriguez gave her speech). Of course I have to mention George Clooney winning the Lifetime Achievement award. The man has done it all. Finally, J-Lo and Kate Hudson's boobs were out to play, but I mean if I could do that I would too. 

In more fashion related thoughts, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Helen Mirren, and Greer Grammer were some of my favorite looks. The slits, colors, jewels and necklines were all perfect and they complimented each of them perfectly.

Jennifer Lopez, Golden Globes   Greer Grammer, Golden Globes 

And of course, Kelly and Giuliana killed it (they always look great).


And that is my weekend. What did you think of the arrivals, monologues and awards? 

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