A Wish for Clearer Skin

Since it is Wednesday, it is time for another wishful thinking post. Lately I have been beyond frustrated with my face. Sure I am pretty good at covering it up lately, but then my face looks super bumpy (even though the color is fixed). Anyway, I can't think of anything I am wishing for more than a clear face again. 

I had it at one point. Seriously,  too good to be true clear skin. Obviously that didn't last. 

So after searching and searching, here are some of the items I am wishing for to give my face some help.

Michael Todd | Charcoal Detox Cleanser
Michael Todd | Blue Green Algae Toner
LUSH | Tea Tree Toner Tab
LUSH | 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion
LUSH | Grease Lightning
LUSH | Dark Angels
Clarisonic | Mia
Michael Todd | Honey and Oat Cleanser
Boscia | Detoxifying Black Cleanser
LUSH | Mask of Magnaminty
Glam Glow | SUPERCLEANSE Daily Treatment Cleanser
First Aid Beauty | Face Cleanser
Philosophy | Purity Made Simple
Ole Henriksen | Pure Truth Meltin Cleanser
LUSH | UltraBland

And that is this week's list! Have your tried any of these items? Have better items for me to try? Let me know (leave a comment, tweet me or email), I love hearing from you!

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