Well that was a weekend. I'm not going to go into the crazy details just yet, but just know things might be a little touch an go here for a little while. 

Anyway let's weekend recap and get into my thoughts on the Grammys. 

Friday, we went to dinner with the in-laws. Margs, chips, salsa, the works. I was a happy girl. After that we met up with our friends and had real life talk all night. 

Saturday was a lazy day for the most part. We watched movies, did laundry and cleaned before Nate went to work. Then that night we went out for the first time in a while. It was a much needed time out with our friends. Plus it meant I got to dress up and it had been a hot minute since I did that last.

Sunday came and I got myself up and headed to church while Nate went to work again. After work it was more movies and laziness, before moving on to getting some computer related work done. And then, Grammys.

So if you watched the Grammys or the red carpet, you would have noticed one thing on the girls. Skin. Yup, cutouts and sheer panels everywhere. 


Honestly, I loved it. They were all tastefully done and created drama without being crazy overdone. And it is the Grammys for goodness sake. There is always a bit of crazy.

So my best dressed honestly has to be Taylor. Her dress was gorgeous and the shoes were perfect. Simple hair and makeup, I loved it. 

My least favorite outfits were probably...Kim K, Madonna, and Charlie XCX. Kim because it looked like she was wearing a bedazzled bathrobe and the other two because it was so predictable. Did I think Madonna would show up in a bull-fighter outfit specifically? No, but I knew it would be theatrical.

Performance wise, I loved Annie Lennox and Hosier singing "Take Me to Church" and Beyonce killed it when she sang "Precious Lord, Take My Hand". I was also surprised to like Kanye's solo performance as well as the trio of him, Rihanna, and Sir Paul.

And that was that. Who did you love and not at the Grammys this year? Did you think it was underwhelming?

Hope you have a great start to the work week! Only 4 days until Friday.

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