Happy weekend everyone! I am back with another Discover post. I love the idea of sharing local/fun finds in the small business world. Recently I heard about Mandy and her shop, BULLETSnLACE. I was blown away by her stuff and immediately bought a pair of earrings from her. Obviously I needed to tell you all about her because her jewelry is so unique and I just love it. Enough from me though, lets get to her.

Introduce yourself!
My name is Mandy Leeuw Bohde. I was born and raised in Ft.Wayne IN, and work here as a full time hairstylist. I have had my Etsy shop just over a year and run BULLETSnLACE in my off time from the salon.

What drew you to jewelry design and how long have you been doing it? 
My mom is actually an amazing artist and teaches advanced art, photography, and jewelry. So it's something I always grew up around and took interest in. BULLETSnLACE came about  from my husband and I going to the range on the weekend. After awhile I just started looking at all the casings that people didn't pick up and thought " I could make this into jewelry." 

Why Bullets n Lace? Any story behind the name? 
I love a little play on words....two things that you wouldn't necessarily put together. A lot of the woman that are drawn to my jewelry are women that love the outdoors, sports, four wheeling, even hunting. But they are women that can also wear heels, and be sophisticated, and feminine. I think my jewelry captures both sides of that. The pieces are so simple, but stunning.

What do you hope comes to your store for the future? Where do you see it going? 
I'd love to open some kind of studio/boutique with my mom. I have so many ideas that I feel like the possibilities are endless. I really want people to recognize the name BULLETSnLACE, and to be one of the top sellers on Etsy. It will take time, but I don't think it's completely out of reach. I have a lot of new ideas that I'm hoping to come out with by this spring/summer.

If you aren't making jewelry what are you doing? 
I love taking pictures! Photography has always been a rewarding hobby for me. Besides that, anything outdoors. My husband and I love to canoe, ride our bikes, take our 3 dogs out in the woods, and just make great memories with family and friends.

Show her some love! Here is where you can find BULLETSnLACE. 

Hope you enjoyed this discover post and learning about a new amazing line of jewelry!

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