Cabin Fever?

And, here comes another week of super cold weather...anyone else as sick of it as I am? Honestly, I am more annoyed by how it has ruined my house hunting so far more than being annoyed by how long it is taking for the cold to go away.

So on the the weekend. Friday night was a dinner and drinks with friends. 

Saturday was my hair appointment. Which you can  see the final result of below. I love it! Shorter, lighter, less to manage. A much needed change for sure. Then I went to the hockey game and came home to hang out with the puppy. I ended up cancelling all my house viewings on Sunday by Saturday evening because of the weather. Super annoyed.

Side note: Did you see the post Saturday morning about BULLETSnLACE? If not go see it!

 photo IMG_20150228_171857_zpsaz2rgeoq.jpg

Sunday came with a bunch of snow, and after church I ended up spending a good amount of time shoveling. Then I decided to take my handsome dog on a short walk to get him out of the house for a bit. The winter is wearing on him a bit I think.

 photo 98ac4ff8-a368-4775-a261-767f548d490d_zpsgpfd0rss.jpg

I finished off my evening with laundry and baking while watching some TV. Once Upon a Time started back up and I was pumped.

 photo e7da3e07-a4b1-432b-ad7c-27ad818fb4fc_zpstuixxdek.jpg

I also watched the new show, Secrets and Lies. Not quite sure how I feel about it though. The detective really bugs me and just kind of makes me mad at the whole show. She is a bit too intense.

So that was it for me! Anyone else getting cabin fever from all this winter weather?

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