My Hair Through the Years

My hair has been through a lot in the past almost 24 years. Multiple colors, different variations of perms, all kinds of heating tools. You name it and I have very well tried it. From black hair to blonde, with red and purple in between. This is all because my Grandma is the best in the world and did whatever we asked her to, no matter how crazy. Growing up with a salon in your grandparent's house leads you to a life of trendy hair let me tell ya.

So I thought today I would take you down memory lane since I have an impending hair appointment where I am desperately craving a change (big or small). 

We can start with the most current...the past two years

Currently I am an ashy blonde with ash brown low lights and my base is a lighter brown. This is probably the most light all over I have ever been and my hair is pretty long.

End of the summer, my hair was getting more light, but not as light as it is now. It was long by then. I had also decided I would stop using a tanning bed around this point so I knew I wanted lighter hair to make up for it.

Also during summer, roots/base still dark (my natural color). Rocking the ombre look.

The first stage of my lightened locks and moving toward ombre. Hair was a bit shorter still since cutting it around my birthday I think.

My birthday, almost all the same color (other than a few subtle highlights). Hair was slightly shorter.

This was right after our wedding so my hair was long (even though we cut a lot off) and dark. I may have been wearing extensions too...not quite sure.

 And then there was college... Where my hair was long and dark.

And kind of shorter and blondish.

Or just shorter and my almost natural color.

Oh and who can forget when I decided to go light with lots of blunt bangs...

Finally, there was high school. Where my junior year I decided to not only cut my hair off, but also get a body perm.

 Oh, what a journey it has been. I am really excited for Saturday and my hair appointment though. Going to Pin Up Curls is always relaxing and my hair looks great when I leave. As for what I am doing, you will see Saturday if you follow me on Instagram I'm sure. And if you really want to see where I am looking for inspiration, check out my Beauty | Hair Pinterest board.

Any other crazy hair journeys out there?

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