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As we get closer to buying a house and needing to set up a home office space, I can't help but get drawn in to all the pretty things out there. I feel like it is never too early to start making inspiration boards so, that being said I am starting with my new office and have made a collection on Keep to compile all the items that I love. I have tried to keep them all within my pricerange, and if they are crazy expensive (like the fur covered bench and the bar cart) then I want to try and DIY them.

When I think about my office I think of a clean, crisp space with small pops of color to give it life. Accents being either gold or brass and adding in shades of pink or green (maybe both with rose and mint). I love the look of a white desk with a Lucite chair and a small touch of fur somewhere. As far as a desk goes, I can't decide whether or not I want a standing desk. If I do then there is this really cool Lucite stool I found that I could use too! 

Not only do I want this office to function for my normal 8-5 job, but it also needs to be a space that I can use for the blog and as a way to help me step up my tutorial game. I am so excited, and I am sure that Nate is dreading it. I love being able to decorate and getting a new house is a great reason to re-think all of our rooms!

There are so many pretty things out there that I love! My [office] collection is below, and it will only keep growing so follow it to stay up to date with the fun things I keep finding.

See my full [office] collection for details on all these products!

If you could redecorate one room in your house which would it be?

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