I Dream of Spring

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Seriously, the weather on Monday was such a tease! I don't know if it ever quite hit 70, but it got so close and it felt spectacular. Then it went away and we are back to the 40's. Still good, but I could have kept the warmer weather and been happy. Anyway, that split second of warmer temperatures got me really excited for spring and the changes that will take place in my wardrobe because of it. I see a lot of pastels and occasional pops of bold, bright colors and floral prints in my future. Now to keep my desire for shopping at bay, a little window shopping is in order.

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And that is it for me! Seriously, I think I am starting to develop a problem when it comes to blush and nude toned items. It is almost as bad as my current obsession with black and grey. Oh, well. Not mad in the slightest. Keep up with my latest cravings by following me on Keep.com.

Happy springtime dreaming my friends!

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