With Warmer Weather

Oh, hi everyone. Sorry this is later than normal, I have been sick all weekend and it caught up with me. Of course as soon as the weather warms up, here comes the cold. Nate said I can blame it on running outside without enough layers on still. Anyway, on to the weekend we go!

Let's see...Friday night Nate came home for the weekend and after a really long hug I made dinner. General Tso's for the win! Chinese always wins my stomach's love, and his too! Up next being lazy and talking about our weeks, followed by some movies. 

We had adult things to do, like sign away our lives for our new mortgage. By the end of it, my signature had changed probably 20 times. We are all set though! On to the next step of the moving process - packing. We officially packed up 11 boxes and only had one incident so far. Luckily it was a $15 vase from TJ Maxx that broke, and not something with crazy sentimental value. Lesson learned: if anything could possibly break in that box write FRAGILE on it as soon as you close it. 

 photo 20150314_165240_zpsvabryz68.jpg
You can crash my selfie anytime.

This was the first of two days of picture taking for Nate, and he was just thrilled. But I loved how the look came out and I can't wait to share it with you all.
That evening was spent with our family celebrating a cousin's birthday and just catching up with everyone. We ended the night with more movies - of course.

After church. it was home for left overs before working on laundry (me) and homework (him). We also shot a few pictures of a second look for a post later this week. Then we watched bit of TV and he was off back to Indy for work. I surprised myself by lacing up my sneakers and taking the dog out for a quick mile run, and then started in on a friend's wedding invitations again. 

And just like that the weekend was gone. This week looks like more packing, running outside and design work. Hooray for staying busy!

What do you have planned for the week? 

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