Friday's Favorites | March 13

Another week bites the dust. I don't know about you but Friday couldn't come soon enough! Here are the things that made me grin (and one grimace) this week.

This BuzzFeed List - 22 Signs You Were Raised in the MidWest

#5 & #6 were daily life
#7 was my childhood (always, always outside)
#9 shows that #basic started here, we have good leaves - that means good pictures.
#10 Yup, you are looking at a tornado position expert right here. Once we had to stay that way in a locker room after a basketball game for close to an hour!
#13 yes, puppy chow (not muddy buddies...)
#15 probably the only thing I really miss from high school
#18-#22 just yes. All of it.

This Cinnamon Roll

Yup, this happened, and it was delicious.

This Yoga Channel

I have made a conscious effort to really step up my yoga game and this is how I am doing it. I love her channel and the 30 Days of Yoga challenge/series is perfect for getting into that routine.

The weather

I have been able to go outside and run/walk with my puppy three times this week. It has been fabulous and he is really loving the attention.

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Lucky March Mystery Box
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A Quick NON Favorite - the Twist on the Bachelorettes

But really, what kind of sick joke is this?

These pictures from The Berry's Morning Coffee

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Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Happy Weekend!

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