April's Goals and Currently's

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March Goals

Health & Fitness
Go to the gym three times a week and do yoga at least once a week.
Well, the gym didn't happen. Honestly we just cancelled our membership this week, but I have been busy at home and the weather has been nice enough that I just ran instead. Yoga has been happening because I need the stretch. My body has been feeling really achy lately and that is helping a lot!

Sell it, and buy a new one. More realistic - start going through things, organizing and packing. Purge what we don't need.
YESSS! We sold ours (closing next week) and bought a new one (also closing next week)! The timing worked our perfectly and we feel so lucky. As we have been packing we have been organizing and throwing away/donating things along the way. I haven't tackled my closet/beauty stash but it is going well everywhere else!

Two dates! With him starting his new job, life is going to be kind of complicated and scheduling time for us is the most important.
Hooray for date nights! We were so good about this all month. Just stepping back and taking time for us. It has been great.

Schedule out Monday-Thursday posts by Sunday. Schedule Friday by Thursday night and have a Saturday "Discover" post each Saturday!
Eh, this halfway happened. I didn't do it consistently, but I did a few times so it will continue until I get the habit solidified.

Do some sort of St. Patrick's Day post - drink, cookies, craft, outfit, something!
Does an Ireland throwback post, with St. Patrick's day ideas count?

The goals for this upcoming month are going to pretty basic since we are moving into our new house!

April's Goals

Health & Fitness
Run 20 miles (total in the month) and do yoga at least once a week.

Find a home for all our things in the new house! (There are too many things to list in all honesty.)

Two more dates.
Come up with a running "bucket list" of things to do together.

Schedule out Monday-Thursday posts by Sunday. Schedule Friday by Thursday night and have a Saturday "Discover" post each Saturday!

...and now for some currently's.


Wearing | Anything that screams spring! Florals, neons, pastels, open toed shoes, etc...

Sipping | CranGrape Juice, Cabernet and tons of water!

Wishlisting | All the things for summer (see this post)! And starting my birthday wishlist too!
And all of the Make Up For Ever things.
Writing | A life update/moving post - since it is life right now.

Exploring | new makeup products for spring through YouTube. Duh.

Seeing | Boxes. Boxes everywhere.

Reading | All about counting macros. I had heard about it a little bit before, but then really got interested after seeing this video by Alexandra Garza.

And that is it, so many words! How did your goals end up last month? What are you currently doing?

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