Give Me Sun

With the sun finally making its appearance and the temperatures slowly starting to rise, I can't help but think of summer and the days on the lake, by the pool or on a beach to come. Honestly, I tend to buy one new swimsuit a year. Not that I need one normally, but just because it became a habit after doing so for spring break in high school. Along with the swimsuit come sunnies, totes, flip flops, and cover ups. The possibilities and styles are endless anymore and I love it.

This year I know we will be visiting the lake (actually multiple lakes) often, we have a trip to California being planned and our new house in a community with a pool so I have that option every day as well. I see a lot of sun (and SPF) in my future so I am starting my wishlist early!

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That is all for me on this one! I'm in love with so many of these. They aren't all good in respect to tan-lines, but honestly that isn't my main focus at this point in my life.

What are you drooling over for summer?

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