I need a snooze button

Well I am not sure my dog will be complementing my outfit, but if Monday was short it would be nice.


Let's see, what happened Friday? Nate worked late and I was planning on cleaning the house up and getting some design work done. My external hard drive crashed so I lost quite a bit that I need to try and recover somehow. Instead of doing all of that though, I spent time with my little (from my sorority) and it was great. We went to dinner and then came back and talked until the Bruce Jenner special came on. What a story!?


I would like to say that I got to sleep in Saturday, but my dog doesn't have a snooze button. He wakes me up every day at 7:30 on the dot. Then I cleaned my house and made a quick trip to the store to get a few last minute things for dinner that night. I then got glammed up for dinner and spent the rest of the evening laughing and eating with friends. Among those friends a new puppy named Marley who entertained Remi once he got the courage up.

Any time Marley barked or tried to lick Remi's nose, Remi flipped out. I captured this gem by chance and I cannot stop laughing at it.


This was the laziest day ever. Really though. Other than making breakfast that morning, most of my day was spent watching movies and drifting in and out of sleep. It felt so good and so deserved.

So here is to Monday, the longest day of life sometimes and the beginning of yet another week of work leading up to the weekend. Five days, five more days.

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