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It isn't new news to you all that I have been having problems with my skin lately. After trying countless things I am on the verge of giving up. As a last little effort, I have tried using less to try and see if I was just overworking my skin with all the treatments I was trying. I have been doing this for about a week now: Dove beauty bar, a light toner, and moisturizer each morning; Dove beauty bar, night time moisturizer and spot treatment at night. My face overall is less red than it was, but the acne and pain associated with these breakouts have not changed (better or worse).

Other than running to the dermatologist, which I plan to do in the next month if possible, I am researching the best lotions, creams and treatments to try and help myself out. I'm over it, but here are the things on my radar now.
With summer coming up, I really want to be able to wear less makeup and just enjoy the sun and warm weather. Getting my skin under control is priority number one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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