What birthday?

Confetti Balloon Kit

Seriously though, isn't that balloon one of the coolest?! I love it when things are just absurd and over the top. It's my thing. If we wouldn't have been in the middle of packing up our house, I would have thrown a party for my dog on his birthday. I like parties...and cake.

With my birthday looming in the near future (like Sunday near future). It only makes sense that I throw together a wishlist of things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday (or things I plan on buying myself for my birthday). Honestly, with our move coming up this weekend also I completely expect my birthday to move to a different day of the year and I am fine with that. That being said, this is actually more of a "here are the things on my running shopping list" kind of list. Does that even make sense?

Goodness, enough talk. Here are some of the pretty things I am drooling over lately!

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What are you drooling over?

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