My Life in Boxes

So, those obviously aren't my moving boxes, or any real person that is moving honestly. All of ours are covered in red permanent marker and a crazy amount of tape. But everything is packed up so I thought it was the perfect time to do a life update kind of post.

We moved everything out last Saturday, except for a few items that I picked up throughout the week. Remi and I are living with my in-laws until we move in and Nate is still bumming on couches around Indy (which he has been doing since March 9). It has been a process. 

As of yesterday we officially "homeless" as our closing on our house up here went so smoothly. Leading up to it though we have learned a few things:

1| Even if you, the builder and the inspector all agree that something should be fixed a certain way, it is still a process and can't just be fixed that way the first time around.

2 | No matter how organized you think your will be, you won't be when it comes to moving day.

3 | Two people can accumulate a LOT of stuff in two years.

4 | You will forget something (like a trashcan or a dog bone).

I'm sure we learned more, but for now that is all I can think of. Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan and we can move in this weekend. Then it will be time for all sorts of home posts and a real life update. 

Here is to all the good things to come!

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