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I'm baaaaaaack! Holy cow it has been a hot minute since I have been to this lovely place of mine and I have missed it terribly. After our move we just had a lot of life things pop up and I was directing my focus elsewhere. Not anymore, I feel so much more focused when I devote time to writing and sharing with all of you.

With that being said, here is what I plan on doing this month on this blog of mine:
- Working toward posting each day again, including the weekend. 
- Posting more beauty and hair related content.
- Showing our new home and all the projects we have completed and are still working on.
- Sharing life, that is what this is all about anyway right?

Okay so speaking of life, let's recap the weekend shall we?


Saturday was my amazing friend's bachelorette party and so Friday was spent working on making sure our outfits were set and shopping for last minute items. We also made a late night trip for Mexican food which is always a win. Then it was back to my house for some chit chat and pick up a few things before heading to bed. Nate was at his parents house so one of my other good friends stayed the night with me and Remington.


Saturday was a lot of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. The day started with some cleaning and then a trip to the grocery followed by more cleaning. I was working on the house and food up until the last minute and with the help of amazing friends got everything done. The party started at a local winery and was great until the thunder and lightning started. We left just in time and came back to my house for food, games and presents. Then we got all Gastby-like and headed out downtown Indy. It was my first time out since moving here and it was a lot of fun, The weather could have been a little drier but I would say it was a success.

 photo IMG_20150530_191653_zpspwy4ek1z.jpg

 photo IMG_20150531_031640_zps2qohcari.jpg


The morning started rough for a few, but after some food and water I believe everyone felt pretty good (for the most part). I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and spending time with Nate once he got home. We ended the night with popcorn and a movie (About Time). It was perfect. Unfortunately we then realized that our bathtub had leaked and water was dripping out of our light above our kitchen sink so that was great. Like I said, things just keep popping up. Life right?

Now it is June! Goodness this year seems to be flying by. This month holds the first of many weddings, a bridal shower and some DIY projects I am pretty excited about. I can't wait to get back into this and share our crazy life with you!

How was your weekend? Any crazy surprises?

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