Family, Friends and Rainclouds

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Oh lordy this weekend was a busy one, my head is still spinning from it all. But it is Monday yet again and luckily this weekend there are no plans. Before we talk about the upcoming week, let's start with this past weekend.


I started the day with an unfortunate trip to the dermatologist. Honestly I am at the end of my rope with my acne and the doctor I saw seems to think we can get it under control. I now have topical stuff for my face and shoulders that will hopefully get things going in the right direction. She also had me do some blue light therapy to kill the bacteria that causes acne and it seemed to make my breakouts less red for sure. The appointment was not just for my acne though, I also had an unfortunately large wart on my  thumb that we removed. Now I look like a small animal bit off a chunk of my thumb, it is super attractive.

After work was over that day Nate and I packed our car and headed to Fort Wayne for the weekend. It was filled with family time and friends, all starting with dinner at a local family favorite (9 Mile).


The day again started bright and early since I had a hair appointment at 8 a.m. I walked out with a massaged scalp and slightly grey hair. Oh my goodness I am in love with it. Then later that afternoon is was off to a surprise party for one of Nate's cousins. The weather was absolutely perfect to just hang out outside. We finished the night with dinner at Bourbon Street and ate our fill of Cajun/creole food. My belly was happy for sure, their Jambalaya hit the spot.


Starting the morning off with Church felt so good. Nate and I have not been able to make it (always something on Sunday) and it really felt like something was missing. Hopefully our weekend stays free and we can finally visit the Church in town we want to go to. After church I picked up one of my friends and after a quick Target run we headed to the bridal shower for another lovely friend.

With an impending storm approaching Nate and I packed up our car quickly as soon as I got back from the shower. We made it home and organized the garage before it started raining and then relaxed the rest of the night. Well, until the basketball game came on. Then all you could hear were murmurings and yelling at the TV about LeBron and other bad calls. It is always a fun time.

This week though I am planning to get a lot done - organizing, planning, projects and design work. Super excited. Now if only the sun would come out to play.

How was your weekend? Anyone else cheering for Golden State or have husbands who yell just as much as mine?

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