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Well, I have to be honest. We have been keeping a secret. Home projects and travel weren't the only things making it hard to blog, it is also really hard to blog when you feel like you are hiding something (which I was).

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Secret is... I'm pregnant!
Yup, Nate and I are expecting our little bundle of joy this December! We are beyond excited and are so relieved to be able to tell the world finally, and I am sure our friends and family that know are relieved as well.

So here is the story for any inquiring minds. We had been talking about wanting to start a family, but with our upcoming move decided we should probably wait. I didn't think twice when I was a bit late since I had been slightly stressed out for the past few months. Our move was April 11 and it went as smooth as could be. April 12 (my birthday) rolled around and Nate nonchalantly suggested I take a test before we ran to the store, both of us fully expecting it to be negative. So without a second thought I went upstairs and did my thing. As I saw that little plus sign grow stronger and stronger I lost it. Full on ugly cry. I ran down the stairs to Nate just standing there looking at me like a deer in headlights. Obviously he could assume what just transpired but we were both in a bit of shock. After holding each other and crying a bit, I wiped my eyes (which looked like a full blown raccoon by this point) and we gathered ourselves to head to the store. 

We both agreed we wanted to tell our families as soon as possible, and they have been keeping our secret ever since. A handful of friends know and they have been amazing and kept our secret too (well almost all of them - you know who you are). Now the secret is out and the baby talk can be public.

Today marks the beginning of week 13! I don't want to flood my personal Facebook page with baby updates, so all of that will live here where people can choose to read it or not. Here is the update so far!

How far along:

13 Weeks

Size of the baby: 

Peach (2.9 inches)

Weight Gain: 

About a pound and a half as of this morning (the nausea did a number on my appetite)

Stretch Marks: 



Decent, I have been having some crazy dreams though. Sleeping on my stomach is starting to feel weird.


Not sure yet but my gut says it will be a boy.

Maternity clothes: 



Honestly, pineapple all the time and spicy foods


Relief, we heard the heartbeat again yesterday and it just gives you peace.

 How is that for a life update!? Things around here are going to change a bit just because my style and priorities are going to be a little different. I guess this makes me a mommy blogger now, don't worry the hair and beauty stuff will stay around. I can't get rid of that.

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