There needs to be a mute button

Let's make it a good one
Again it comes. I am never ready for Monday, but Monday doesn't care. It was a good weekend though, so let's start the week with that!


Let's see, what happened Friday? Nate and I tried to find curtains (failed). It is really hard to find them when you want a specific thing and need a longer length than the average. We will eventually. After that we cleaned the house a bit and watched a movie.


We started Saturday off bright and early to adult and have a yard sale. Honestly it was pretty pathetic looking. Some clothes, a few pairs of shoes, a crazy amount of picture frames, and just random odds and ends. It worked out though. After a slow start we probably got rid of about a third of it before we called it quits. Just in time too since it started raining as soon as we started picking stuff up. We will try again next year and put a little more time into it!

While we were outside, Nate got quite a bit of yard work done and I got dinner started in the crockpot. It turned out quite yummy by the way. Beef roast that ended up being nice and spicy over lettuce, topped with cheese, beans, pico and chips for crunch. Some nice Chipotle-like dinner at home.

Then I got glammed up for the first time all week and we headed downtown to hang out with some friends. The night ended in the beer garden of the Rathskeller (which I was the DD for obviously), listening to music and catching up with people we haven't seen in a while. I love that we are close enough to Indy that we can go downtown for things but easily head home after. 


Sunday was a slow day. The only scheduled thing we had was a groomer appointment for Remington. Other than that it was pretty relaxed, until the game came on (NBA Finals). Now, it ended well, but it was probably the most Nate has yelled during the series so far. I really think everything would be better if there was just an option to mute the announcer guys' voices. It is obviously not possible to find commentators that can speak with absolutely no bias at all. The one guy (who apparently never played basketball) was too busy sucking up to LeBron to be able to call the game as it was. The half-time reporters were better but Nate informed me that it was because the guys had actually played in the NBA and knew what they were talking about. All I am asking for is the removal of bias from reporting, now is that too much to ask for (obviously yes, we are human and can't be perfect). Rant over...for now.

Remi was super cuddly last night so that was awesome, I love cuddle time with my pup.

After that it was off to bed and that was the weekend! Hope yours was filled with love and fun with those around you! Anyone else get annoyed with the commentators like I do?

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