Friday Lovin' | July 31

Happy Friday! Besides fruit loops, I have been obsessing over a few things this week. The best of those things are below, enjoy!

1 | A few screenshots

During the week, while on Instagram, I have a habit of screen-shotting things I really like so I remember them later. Here are the top three from this week.

 photo 10601551_10_600_1068_zpscrxx3hhf.jpg  photo Screenshot_2015-07-29-20-38-47_zpstslrjdvy.png  photo Screenshot_2015-07-30-10-57-19_zpszskviu14.png

First of all how cute is that baby in the Starbucks costume?! I am dying over here. 

Secondly, those nails! They are next on my list of nail art to try at home.

Third, I am obsessed with Milk Snob covers and now they are selling these wraps (starting in August) and I am so excited. That stripe print just looks so perfect and I need it, but of course they are already sold out...

2 | These Products

 photo IMG_20150727_152718_zpsskqlddzl.jpg

[Sinful Colors Nail Polish]

I still can't believe this polish is real life. It took one coat for me to get a solid color on my nails and it looks amazing. Lately, I have been topping off my polish with Gelous (got mine at Sally's) and it makes my mani stay for at least a week without chips.

[Clarisonic Mia 2]

I don't know why I ever took a break from this magic worker. Honestly, if I go one night without using it I notice a difference in my skin the next day. My pores have never looked cleaner/smaller and my skin overall just looks better. Plus my breakouts have gotten significantly better. I'm a believer.

[fresh Rose Face Mask]

This is in my weekly rotation lately and I have to say I love it. Yes I have oily skin, but i have found that the more hydrated I keep my face the less oil it produces throughout the day. This mask is so refreshing and my skin feels so happy after I use it. Plus it smells pretty too!

3 | A Love Letter and Pi Phi

First of all, this girl is spot on with this letter - Dear Pi Beta Phi

Really though, most of my very closest friends are my sisters. We have been each other's bridesmaids, voice of reason and partner in crime (not quite literally). My little comes over to my house at least once a week and my big is still one of the first people I go to with exciting news. Most of all I can't see my life without them in it still. Say what you want about sororities and how I bought my friends, but they are some of the best women I know and I can't wait for them to be a part of our little baby's life too (#bestauntiesever).

4 | This Mash-Up

In love with this song. It came on and I stopped everything I was doing just to listen and enjoy it.

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee


You needed this, a good smile to start the day.


Even the clouds know whats up (haha)




Yup, if I had a magic genie to make my house look like this I would.


I can't handle the cuteness!


Perfect morning goals.


Really and a dog are guaranteed to make mornings happier.

And that is the favorites list everyone. This weekend is going to be so much fun and I am beyond excited to share it with you as it happens on social media and in a full recap on Monday. Happy weekending!

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