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It was such a great weekend. Seriously, Nate and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by all the love and support of our friends and families. 


Well, Friday was the beginning of the cleaning and the first of many last minute trips to Wal-Mart for missing items. 


Once again, my weekend started bright and early thanks to the always peppy Remington. Until about 7 that evening Nate and I spent the day doing various crafts (mostly me) and cleaning (honestly mostly him). By the time our friends from Fort Wayne made it to our place for the night, our house was clean and the craft projects were done. Remi had his friend Lou (a great dane) to play with and we all just caught up until UFC started. Yup, we stayed up way too late to watch Rousey. 


After I made breakfast Saturday all three of us girls started to get glammed up for the party while the boys set up outside. I had everything in its place, for the most part, the night before as far as the indoors decorations and such goes. 

 photo 20150802_102721_zpsib84akvg.jpg  photo 20150802_102851_zpsqvholyvr.jpg  photo 20150801_201339_zpsdrzbkdva.jpg 
 photo 20150802_133020_zpsdwb6jxyj.jpg      photo IMG950390_zpskgync1ci.jpg 

Eventually the rest of our family/friends showed up and we ate and then headed out for our big reveal.

 photo 20150802_131452_zpsx8bko567.jpg photo 20150802_131240_zpslurzf9gg.jpg

 photo 20150802_131615_zpsl1ykjxpc.jpg

 photo 20150802_131710_zpsm4t2hlmi.jpg

 photo 20150802_132417_zpsyxtmooed.jpg

 photo IMG_20150802_132140_zpsarjmcjjc.jpg photo 20150802_132818_zpsxqf7i5ww.jpg

Needless to say Nate and I (and Remi too) are beyond thrilled. I also can't wait to move on in the nursery and start getting everything for a Neverland inspired home for our little mister. AH I can't wait!

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