Going Places | Part 1

Over the next two months, I have two trips coming up that are taking me to opposite coasts. The first is a trip to San Diego and the second to Woodstock, VT (and some other places). Both of these will be filled with activities and require totally different outfits. Since Cali is up first, I am starting there and making my list of outfits that would just be perfect for some of the things I know we will be doing.

Obviously, my wardrobe will be a total last minute thing because let's be honest, who knows what will fit in a month. This however is where my mind goes immediately.


  image of Salt N Pep Slip On
I am all about comfort when I fly. Loose fitting shirts and easy to remove shoes are absolutely key. I always throw a light scarf and/or jacket into my carry on bag just in case. This shirt is perfect for traveling (or just my daily life), and these shorts look beyond comfortable too. I have been dying for a pair of shoes like these and this hat would give me just enough cover to avoid eye contact with strangers (since sunnies indoors aren't always socially acceptable).

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   Nike Expandable Running Lean Waist Pack

I can't think of anything better for an outdoor activity than a good tank/muscle t with a pop of color from a sports bra, all with a good pair of capris. The only thing that would make this better is this fanny pack to hold my phone, and maybe a snack.

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Zoo Day

Honestly, this is what I am the most excited about - a trip to the zoo! More than anything I am thinking about comfort here so a good shoe is key. A loose fitting tank like this one, paired with a good relaxed pair of black shorts keeps me in my element but cool, and top it off with a good crossbody purse for a finishing touch and I will be ready for the day. Seriously I am giddy thinking about the zoo.

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Push-up Halter Wrap Bikini Top Red Mango - XhilarationBlack Flounce Bralette Bikini Top Xhilaration

Lastly, a day at the beach calls for a bikini or two, a coverup and a beach bag filled with all the necessities. I am loving all of these and am seriously hoping for a good sunny day at the beach at some point on our trip.

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And that is that. I will do a few travel posts before and recaps of our trip after, but until then I will be dreaming of the perfectly packed suitcase. Any recommendations of places to go or things to do while we are there?

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