Let's relax

"It's Monday but that's okay"   especially spending this Monday with my princess!

Well this weekend was a change of pace. We had nothing scheduled. Absolutely nothing, and it was fabulous. 


After work we did some errand running and went out for dinner. We have the silly string for our gender reveal this weekend and the sugar doughnuts were on point at the Chinese restaurant. Then we wandered over to Lowe's to look at paint for the nursery and to Walmart for a few odds and ends. We ended the night with TV and relaxation. it was so needed.


I woke up bright and early with the dog and let Nate sleep in. Then we went to work on the house - cleaning, organizing, planning projects and watching some movies in between. Later in the afternoon my mom and brother stopped in on their way home from Vermont and we just talked for a bit before shoving an un-used chair in the back of her car. We ended the night with party planning, laying on couches and watching the cross fit games.


Let the record show, Nate and I made it to church on Sunday morning in Franklin. It took a while to get a free Sunday when we were actually in town but we made it. After church we got some lunch with my sister and settled in for more relaxing on couches, movies and naps. I can honestly now say I have watched full Harry Potter movies, a fact that would have been a bold faced lie until yesterday's marathon on ABC family. I do want to read the books now, once i finish the pile I have at home already.

Right before we went to sleep I felt our little one start moving around a lot and Nate actually was able to feel it too! It was a really nice moment right before we fell asleep. 

And that was the weekend. Next weekend is our gender reveal party so this week will be full of planning and prepping. I love being able to throw a good party, and Nate hates how much I love them.

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