Let Freedom Ring

Oh hey people! We survived yet another weekend and this time is was a fun, America filled one! I really failed (again) at taking pictures, but honestly it is for a good reason. Most of the time my phone was sitting either on the counter inside while I was outside or in my bag while I was talking to people. That being said, words will have to do for this recap.


After packing up the car, the four of us (well I guess five technically: Nate, myself, Liv, Remington and Baby) headed south in search of relaxation. We made the trip just in time for tacos at my parents house, perfect timing I must say. 


We started the day with a little shopping for wedding presents and found the cutest things ever while we did. I would share, but the bride reads this. Then we headed home to grab our pool/beach/lake bags and headed to my grandparents' for a day on the water. It was slightly overcast but warm and the sun peeked out just in time for our trek across the water. 

Nate was fishing and Liv and I headed out on a kayak and a paddle board. Unfortunately Remi didn't want to get left behind and tried to swim out after us. Eventually we got him to stay and headed out, but then the pontoon tried to leave and he was in the water again. That dog just doesn't want to be left out and loves the water more than anything. My sister grabbed him out of the water and pulled him aboard for a ride and they joined us out on the water. 

Once we made it to the other side, sister dearest decided she wanted to ride back with me, on the paddle board, instead of the pontoon. Not our brightest idea ever. The trip back took easily twice as long since we were battling the wind and I had an extra person to carry. It was an awesome workout though, and a pretty funny picture.

We had some of my favorite pizza for dinner, Fat Boys (I used to work there in high school and I still love the pizza) and then we headed to Wal-Mart to grab the ingredients we needed for our dishes for the next day. For some reason we decided to watch The Kingsmen at 11 at night and barely stayed awake, it was good though. We all crashed after that.


We started with breakfast at the grandparents' - breakfast casserole and french toast! Then spent another day relaxing on the water with all of the Miller clan. We had people in from all over the place and it was nice to just be with family that we hadn't seen in a while. That night we had the best mashed potatoes, noodles, corn, chicken and turkey you can get (in my opinion at least) and topped it all off with a nice big piece of Amish bread. 

We didn't make it to any fireworks, but watched Captain America instead. Still patriotic right? 


Sunday morning was a trip back to our family's Amish roots. We all got together for breakfast (breakfast casserole, biscuits and gravy, homemade cinnamon rolls) and then had church lead by my Dad and one of his cousins. 

After all of that we hung out with the family a bit longer then packed up and drove back home. Nate started on painting the entertainment center and with  my help we finished it quickly and not it is ready for me to fill with pretty things to bring some color back into the room!

When we were done painting, Nate popped some popcorn for dinner and we watched the USWNT take on Japan. Then we ended the night with a little Shark Week and fireworks courtesy of our neighbors. Remi loved them so much that after we came in (the mosquitoes were killer) he ran over and watched a bit longer through the door. I just love our little family.

That is the weekend! Anyone else's dog love to watch the fireworks?

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