Bumpdate | 17 Weeks

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[How far along]

17 Weeks. Almost halfway there!

[Size of the baby]

An onion! Baby is over 5 inches and about 5.9 ounces.

[Weight Gain]

I'm fluctuating between 2 and 3 pounds so far. 

[Stretch Marks]

Nope, but still slathering on the lotion and belly butter to keep them away.


Well let's talk about sleep. I can usually fall asleep fine, but it is staying asleep that is the issue. Right now I am able to fall asleep on one side, but halfway through the night I am waking up to go the the bathroom and I have to lay on the other side to fall asleep again. Lordy I get hot throughout the night too! And those dreams...yup still crazy as ever.


Still haven't found out. We should know in 4 weeks though so after today's appointment, if all goes well, we (let's be honest, I) will start planning our gender reveal!

[Maternity Clothes]

Well the belly band got unpackaged and used over the weekend. My shorts just wouldn't work with me and honestly, I was a lot more comfortable. I use these.


DONUTS! Really, like I need one now. A good one though, Kroger donuts just don't cut it. Come on Franklin, where do I have to go to get a good donut? 


Anxious to feel this nugget move. I keep thinking I do but then I just tell myself it was gas or something (lovely picture right). 


The crib is almost done! Next week we will be able to grab the last couple of pieces we forgot in Fort Wayne and we can put the first thing in our nursery. Ahh it is getting so real. We are 3 weeks out from our halfway point. Nate and I are really just amazed by how fast it is going. We haven't bought or looked at anything yet. I really want to wait until we know what we are having and hit that halfway mark before we start going crazy, but maybe I will regret that later.

Any tips on what to buy when from you momma's out there?

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