Time Well Spent

Let's just see what happened this weekend shall we? Words and the good old captures on my phone.


Right after work I spent a little time with Remi outside playing fetch. He is just the happiest when he is running around like crazy.

 photo 20150814_174027_zpsogjngmzs.jpg

Eventually we got ourselves together for a night out under the stars watching Back to the Future at a local winery. Unfortunately the movie kept restarting so we didn't stay for the whole thing, but it was fun while it lasted. We had popped some popcorn and grabbed some other snacks and enjoyed time as a "family". (Olivia is considered our child on some occasions haha).

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As normal, the best picture of Liv and I is the one where we aren't smiling.


Saturday was a day all about my lovely bestie that is getting married next Fall. We headed up to the north side of Indy to do a little dress shopping with a huge group of people and thankfully she found the one. I can't wait until next year when I get to see my best friend marry her best friend.

 photo 20150815_114223_zpskkbmmkfp.jpg
This is my feed me now face. I was a tad bit hungry.

Also, I debuted my new hair this weekend. It is a very ashy brown with the blonde bits poking through every now and then. I am just excited to eventually not have as much work to do to keep it healthy feeling. Obviously it is still super dry from all the bleaching before, but I have found some pretty good stuff to help me out with that. Most recently, I received a bottle of Infusium 23 Leave-In Smoothing Creme (c/o Influenster for testing purposes), and after a weekend long test I must say I am impressed. I used it instead of my regular It's a 10 leave-in treatment and I did notice a pretty big difference in how smooth my hair felt. What it didn't do as well was help detangle, but that is a different battle.

 photo 20150815_225405_zpsgacfkkcw.jpg

That evening we headed to my other lovely bestie's house to spend time with them. We ended up back in the bar we frequented as college students, and all took a moment to take in the realization that we were townies now. Sheesh how things change.

(Almost) Saturday's Outfit:
It is all very similar but not exact as everything is from last year and not available online now.


It happened. I bought maternity clothes. We started at Target and found me a new bra, bikini top and a pair of comfy shorts (all technically non-maternity). After that long trip, as Target trips always are, we headed to the mall to check out what Old Navy had to offer in the way of maternity shorts. They had two pair and none were in my size. Great right? Then we wandered a bit more in search of black maxi skirts and no luck there either. Our last stop, after a quick detour to look at puppies at a pet shop, was to Dottie where we looked but found nothing worth the splurge.

That being said, I ended up doing my maternity shopping online and Gap/Old Navy came through for me. Now hopefully everything gets here in time.

Also accomplished on Sunday was about 3 loads of laundry and some general house clean up and the building of a changing table to top the desk we have in the nursery. Now we just have to paint that and it will be ready for a changing pad.

And we can't forget to mention that football was on yesterday. Unfortunately it was not a good day for the Colts. It was however a good day for Jason Day who won the PGA Championship yesterday. He was so emotional and it was so great to see...never thought I would say that about golf. Oh how things change as you grow up. 

[This Week]

Let's see, what is going on this week? Well, I am hoping to get my yoga practice days up to at least 3 this week. I am starting to have some lower back pain that is tapering down to the back of my leg so I have been trying to stretch my back/hips and Nate has been realigning my hips which also provides some relief (thank heavens for an Athletic Trainer husband). Also, I am aiming to get in the gym 3 times as well. We have a few projects to tackle here, and we will also be continuing to get ready for our California trip. I have a work trip to through into the mix, he has a golf outing and now it looks like we will be heading into Indy for a football game. Goodness it is crazy how the week just fills up so fast.

Any tips for the back pain during pregnancy from you mommas out there? What was the highlight of your week?

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