Fall Heaven


Well let's see, there was pizza on Friday and there was football. Pretty typical stuff if you ask me. Nate and I also spent the evening prepping food for the next day. I was making cookies (just the dough, baking in the am) and he made pickle roll-ups which have now been given the name redneck sushi. Super eventful night obviously.


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I mean when you start your day looking at lovely cookie dough and baking before noon it is obviously going to be a great day. I was on cookie duty and Nate ended up taking over watching the last pan while I got ready. Then we braved the gloomy weather and headed to the lake for our friend's birthday.

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We stayed there until about dinner and then headed back, grabbed the dog and took him to his first football game. He got better as the game went on, but it was not very easy at first. He just wants to be around everyone and he is a bit too strong for me to handle sometimes so Nate ends up with him. Everything gets better with time though so maybe one day he will be a calm in public type of dog.

Honestly, by the time we left the game we were exhausted and went straight to bed. Pretty sure we were both out before 10 p.m. We are doing everything we can to soak up this sleep while we can get it.


Sunday I got bit by the cleaning bug. Really though, there was no stopping me. Our first floor is completely clean (except for mopping the floor) and the upstaits is all tidy and orgnazied waiting to be deep cleaned. Nate didn't have much of a choice and got sucked into it with me. By the afternoon our house was clean and all the windows were open letting the breeze flow through. That evening we lit a pumpkin roll candle and turned on the Scenties and our house felt/smelled like fall heaven. I loved it.

[This Week]

This week I head to Vermont with my momma and I am super excited. I think it has been close to six years since I have made a Vermont trip so this one is long overdue.

And last but not least, let's start the week with a giveaway!

I mean who doesn't like a good giveaway or a pretty eyeshadow pallette? Ten lucky winners will recieve a Measurable Difference® Desert Nights Eyeshadow pallette. The colors are gorgeous and will work together to make a pretty amazing smokey eye this fall. 

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