Friday Lovin' | October 9

Another week down and normally I would begin my Christmas countdown, but there is a whole other countdown ruling life now. Here are my favorite things from this week!

1 | Little Man's Nursery

 photo 2015100795164115_zpstp4by2mu.jpg

The chair made it here on Wednesday so Nate and I are officially done until after showers happen. November is looking like it is going to be filled with waiting and crafts to pass the time. I can't wait to get actual decor type of things up on the walls and really make it feel like his little place. For now it is a really great start though!

2 | Baby Daddy


No, not my baby's daddy, but the show "Baby Daddy". Yeah sure it gets cheesy sometimes, but I can't help but love it. 

3 | The New Jergens Lotion

I remember seeing that their formula changed a bit and the scent was supposed to be better, but I didn't notice it on my last bottle. This time, I don't notice a scent at all throughout the day and the scent it has while applying is actually really nice. Thank goodness for the constant evolving of products. The color still looks good to me and I don't notice it rubbing off a lot on my clothes either. 

4 | The Berry's Morning Coffee

I start every morning looking at The Berry, here is what made me smile today!

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Happy Weekending Friends!

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