Bumpdate | 30 Weeks

So I am switching things up a bit for this post because we are about 20 weeks (give or take a few) into this and I am bored with the same things. Plus we have so much going on now that there is other stuff to share that is more fun than there was in the beginning. 

Also, I forgot to take a bump pictures before leaving on my trip for work so instead I am sharing some of my inspiration for the "Lost Boys" nursery.

Lost Boys Peter Pan Inspired Children Photography:  Inhabitants of Neverland → The Lost Boys:

[How far along]

30 Weeks! 71 more days! Our countdown at the house is still in weeks/days, but once we hit 60 I am switching to just days. 

[Size of the baby]

Our little guy is approximately 15.7 inches and 3 pounds (app averages for this week of development). That makes him about the size of a large cabbage

[Weight Gain]

Still right around 25 pounds now.


Breathing is definitely my biggest issue, that and the uncomfortable feeling in my ribs. Honestly, I am still feeling pretty lucky and am trying to keep doing what I am doing in hopes that things continue like this. I made it to the gym once this week and it felt awesome, other than that I am really focusing on stretching and my posture to help my body out. My dreams are just as crazy as ever too so I am really trying to stay away from anything scary/crime focused to keep the crazy more toward the happy side of the spectrum.


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Nursery Update]

All the big stuff is in! Our chair got here yesterday morning and Nate will have it in place by this weekend if he can get it up the stairs. I am so excited, everything is coming together.


Cookies at this very moment, and an apple. Typical.


Storage solutions
Organization Ideas for closet
Art/pictures on wall
Heartbeat print
"bearskin" rug???
Fairy moss jars
Peter Pan hat


I found out that little man likes classic rock this week. Normally playing country would get him moving pretty quickly, but it felt like he was in the middle of a complete rock out session when I was listening to the classic rock station in the car. Fine by me. I would love to have a child that enjoys The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Beach Boys, The Beatles, Boston, etc. 

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