Showered with Love

What a weekend/week. It was a full and busy one which made it go by pretty fast (except for Friday, which drug on and on). Anyway, I headed to Fort Wayne Wednesday for work and Nate joined Friday evening. We had our first shower and it was fun to share the spotlight with him instead of having to be the sole focus. Here is a bigger run down of the weekend for ya!


After work I headed to the in-laws and hung out with them while Nate drove up. Once he got there, we sat and talked for a while then headed to a friend's house to visit with some of them. Really that was it for Friday. I called it a night earlier and we headed back to his parent's house and fell asleep hard and fast. 


Saturday morning was party prep for the shower that afternoon. I ended up getting ready and finishing up just in time to help with the last bit of decorating. Seanie and my in-laws did a great job with the shower and Nate and I felt so special. Among some of the big necessities, this kid also now has more camo than his Dad and I love it!


Cake | Cakes by Jennifer

They stuck to our Lost Boy's/Peter Pan theme from the nursery and it turned out absolutely adorable. Our friends and family made not only us feel loved, but really showed the love there is for this little guy already. We can't wait for him to get here!


Sunday was pretty normal. After packing up and heading home, Nate put together our new MamaRoo and we put the rest of the new baby stuff in the nursery. While he mowed the yard, I sat in the rocker in the nursery and did absolutely nothing. That was followed by food and some catching up on TV shows we missed because of the Colts game Thursday night. Then off to bed we went. Super exciting right?

[This Week]

This coming weekend is homecoming! We are so excited that Nate actually has a job where he can enjoy the day and we can be there for the football game. That hasn't happened since my graduation. Not much is going on during the week. I may hit up JoAnn's for some stuff while their big sales are going on, but other than that it is all up in the air. Here is to no weekday plans and alumni fun this weekend!

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