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Well hello again! I hope you all had a great weekend and first couple of days of this new week. I mean little man slept for 8+ hours two nights in a row this weekend and fell asleep a little early to the amazing voices of those who sang the Lionel Richie tribute during the Grammy's. Come on, Demi Lovato alone gave me chills. 

Anyway, here is our weekend!


I headed to Target after work to pick up some PJs for our first Valentine's weekend as a family of 3. My friend met me there and then came over for dinner when we were done. Our dogs had a play date for a bit and then she headed home and we headed to bed. 

 photo 20160212_213127_zpspmvxvtkf.jpg


We woke up later than normal because Leighton slept for 8 hours and 20 minutes! I made waffles that turned out a little under cooked but I was happy anyway (mostly because I finally found Kodiak Cakes). Then we got talking about wood floors and next thing we knew, we were paying for 350 square feet of pretty new floor. It is going to look so good once our cabinets are all painted. I am getting beyond excited. I love this kind of thing. The cabinets were the focus of the rest of our Saturday then. We almost got the section done....almost.

 photo Snapchat-8421057825509429445_zpsxklxunvp.jpg    photo Snapchat-3358954353336566353_zpsuctqs9at.jpg    photo 20160213_132527_zpsdhmomexj.jpg

Even more important than the cabinets though, Little Man turned two months old! My first pictures of him ended up disappearing when I moved them to the computer, but the second set ended up better anyway.

 photo 20160213_132527_zpsdhmomexj.jpg

Here is a little bit of an update on our little guy.

LOVES. He loves his kick-n-play piano, laying naked on his changing table, and bath time. He is starting to follow us around and is a super smiley bundle when he isn't just pissed off haha. Also, he has started sucking on his hand and basically anything other than his thumb. His MamaRoo is still on the love list thankfully too.

HATES. Sometimes he hates being on his tummy and will then push himself over. He also has started making a gagging noise when he doesn't want/like something. Seriously, something could be touching his ear that he doesn't like and he will gag. Most of the time it is his pacifier before it even gets into his mouth though.


So obviously Sunday was Valentine's Day. We started by heading to church and then worked on cabinets more afterward, while also watching IU. Leighton was dressed for the occasion and looking super cute.

 photo Snapchat-2427446602339557577_zpsctwbicqk.jpg

That evening we made cookies and popcorn, got in our jammies and watched Kung Fu Panda. I loved it and it was the perfect Valentine's Day.

 photo 1455507113915_zps81x5wwm5.jpg


I know it isn't technically part of the weekend, but some cute stuff happened. Anyway work was work as normal. That night however, I gave little man a bath and decided to comb all his hair back. That hair style reminded me of my Opa so of course I sent a snap of it to my Mom, who promptly screenshotted it and sent it to her Dad (my Opa). He loved it.

 photo Snapchat-10107535198986665_zpsmmwrwydq.jpg

After bath time, which he loves by the way, we cuddled up and watched The Grammy's. This is when I discovered that Leighton would love to have a bedtime playlist filled with Lionel Richie's greatest hits. He was out so hard, so fast. When he did wake up we had a little chit chat of complete randomness of course (he is starting to add new sounds into his vocabulary, currently ooooooooooh is the favorite). Per normal I also started taking some pictures of his cute little faces which morphed into duckface practice and then snapchat face filters (is that even what they are called?). We had fun obviously. 

 photo Snapchat-1745994454222198053_zpsxchkyjnr.jpg    photo Snapchat-3941443142557558298_zpsd7qhy9jk.jpg

And that was that! Hope you had a great weekend yourself!

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