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Since I spilled the details on all my favorite makeup products earlier, I figured it was best to follow up with my skincare favorites. These are all the things that I use to give my skin a boost after all I put it through. For reference, I have oily/combo, sensitive skin and last year my skin was even more temperamental since I was pregnant and all.

Clarisonic Mia2

Thank you parents for gifting this to me. I use this every other day at least. What they say is true, it gets makeup off that your washcloth/wipe/hands leave behind. Talk about a clean feeling face. And it is easy to use, so much so that Nate even said he would use it if I got him his own brush (and I will). 

When it was time to buy a new brush head for my Clarisonic I decided to grab this one. I felt like my pores were showing more than I would like or than they had previously. This seems to really help clean out my pores and they aren't as bad looking to me as I had been thinking they did. It is on my list to get a backup one of soon because the replace date is sneaking up on me. 

With the change in weather I have really been trying to keep my skin hydrated. The more hydrated my skin is the less I breakout and the less oil my face produces. When I feel my face drying out or start actually seeing flaky/dry spots I glob this on and relax for a bit. The scent was not my favorite while I was pregnant, but now it doesn't bother me one bit so all is well in the world again!

When I feel a breakout coming on or start to see some issues with pores in my t-zone I grab this mask. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and I think it helps with my trouble spots. The price is a bit much for a full size jar, but because I focus it on my t-zone (where I am oily) and not my full face, I have been able to make a small sample size jar last forever. Now I would invest in a full jar because I have tried it and know it works for me, but first give the sample size a try!

Lately I have been trying to not use the prescription cream from my dermatologist, mostly just to see if my face will let me. Anyway, every now and then I get a pimple that needs some treatment so this is my go to. I see improvement in the blemish by the am almost every single time. Because of this drying lotion, I have been so much better about picking at things (yea, it's bad/gross but come on people, you know it happens). One of my big focuses in my skincare now is trying to treat my discoloration from the crazy breakouts I got while I was pregnant (I picked...that caused scarring). Anyway, if you are looking for a good, well priced spot treatment check this one out. Honestly, I have loved everything from this product line...

I was able to try something new this fall when  derma e sent me their hyaluronic acid night cream to test out. Holy heaven people. I am really happy with this night cream. Previously I was using Aveeno Smart Essentials Night Cream, but my face wasn't really happy with it after going through a few jars, so the derma e stuff came just in time. This night cream makes my skin feel so soft in the morning without feeling super heavy at night. It isn't the lightest thing, but it isn't so ridiculously heavy that I feel gross using it. Make sense? Anyway I love it and you can find this night cream and more derma e Natural Skincare products at Walgreen's. Even better, I have a coupon for you! Print out the coupons here.

This is my everyday cleanser. Morning and night. I don't feel like it dries out my skin, but it really leaves my skin feeling clean. Plus I have been a roller coaster of hormonal changes for the last year so I am all about an acne cleanser.

I started using this in high school when my Dad found out about at the health food store. It lasts for a really long time since you mix it yourself (it is just powder). You feel your face pulsing when it is on. I really do feel like it makes a difference in my skin, and that is all that matters. When I have been putting my skin through a lot I pull this mask out every time to help clear out my pores.

So those are my most used items for skincare over the last year. I am still looking for a holy grail lotion, vitamin-c serum and eye cream, so if you have one you swear by let me know!

As always these thoughts/reviews are one hundred percent my honest opinions. Some of them were gifted to me for testing purposes, but I would never lie and say I liked something when I didn't. We are real here. Always.

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