Creating the Future

You get it Abraham. The guy knew what he was talking about, you know. I hope you all tackled your Monday and are on your way to achieving the future you create for yourself!

Last week was rough, Nate was gone for training for his new job and I was here with the baby. Seriously, kudos to all the single parents out there. I did it for 3 and a half days and was exhausted. Being a parent is hard sometimes, but you are the definition of superhero.

On to this weekend though.


So, Wednesday I was running and hit a bump with the stroller, which threw my phone out and shattered the screen. By Friday Nate agreed to get new phones so I could stop getting glass in my finger... We headed to the mall and ended up with two new LG G5s. We both love them so far.

That evening we had dinner at Scotty's, which was delicious as always. My beer wasn't my best choice though.


The morning was spent doing a little clean up, and I spent a couple of hours at the boutique that afternoon. Then that evening was spent hanging out with friends, and the boys brewed some beer.


More cleaning happened on Sunday and it was followed by groceries. Always fun. I also spent some time planning in my new Day Designer planner which was really therapeutic. I love it so much so far.


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What are your plans for the week? Any tips on keeping life organized and working towards the best future you can create?

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