Twenty-Five Wishes

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25 candles means 25 wishes right? I'd like to think so. Here is everything that I "wished" for on my birthday (a healthy mix of blog, personal and home wishes). It is obviously a couple of weeks after, but these things are all so pretty I couldn't not would be a pretty good mother's day list too.

1 | Black leather jacket

I have been wanting a black leather jacket (fitted) for so long now. It is classically bad ass and I want it.

2 | Black Nikes

Currently I have a pair, but they have a hole in them so I have to wear black socks. Not a huge deal, but I would like a new pair anyway.

3 | Silver Watch

I had one from college, but the face of it got broken during our move. Plus this Kate Spade one is just so classic.

4 | Trench

Again, classic. I am really trying to step up my adult wardrobe and this is just another piece that I really think is needed.

5 | Live Lokai Bracelet

I have seen these everywhere and just think they are cool. It's jewelry you can wear with running shorts without looking ridiculous.

6 | Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Perfume

OBSESSED with this scent. It is so manly without being like "girl is wearing cologne" ya know?

7 | Running Headphones

My ears are tiny. I can be walking and headphones will fall out...the struggle. I need some to wear while running so that I don't have to worry about people judging me for my music choices.

8 | Bip and Bop Necklace

These are just so, so cute. Layering necklaces have become huge lately and I think this is a simpler version of that!

9 | Bourbon and Boweties Bangles

It is another obsession. The lady I bought my first one from told me it is like getting tattoos, once you start you won't want to stop. She was right.

10 | Purse

A structured neutral purse is always a good idea.

11 | Pajamas

Lately I have been really into pajamas. I don't know why really I just feel awesome when I wear actual pajamas instead of an oversized t-shirt.

12 | Robe

Again, comfort. I hate wearing my outfit for the day while getting ready, so a robe is just a really good solution when running around the house in my underwear just isn't acceptable.

13 | White lo-rise Converse

I have my black high-tops from high school, but I wanted a more wearable casual shoe for the summer. Lo-rise Converse are again a timeless piece that is super versatile.

14 | Givenchy Dahlia Divin

When I am not wanting to smell like man, this is my other favorite. It isn't overly floral which is huge.

15 | Duvet & Duvet cover

I am over comforters. We have a dog, that dog likes to jump on our bed, the comforter is dry clean only...

16 | Microwavable Mixing Bowls

Being able to melt butter/chocolate or boil something for baking purposes would be much easier/quicker if I had glass bowls.

17 | Fresh Flowers

Because I just love flowers.

18 | Donuts

There is no explanation needed here.

19 | Steamer

As my wardrobe grows up and I start getting pieces that I pay more than $17 dollars for, I would like to be able to keep them looking nice. Plus it would be a bonus for all the weddings I have coming up this year.

20 | Makeup Mirror

It is time for an upgrade. I have one, but it is super, super old.

21 | Cards against Humanity

This is just too fun to not own.

22 | Leather Bound Single Column Journal Bible

Have you seen all the #journalbible inspiration out there? I need to get back into reading the Bible in the first place, but adding to it would be a cool way to connect to the Word deeper.

23 | Rifle paper Co Classics

I love a good classic (how many times can I use that word in one post?) and these look so pretty!

24 | Day Designer Simplified Planner

Well, this was a wish that came true. This planner is life, literally it holds my life. It is exactly what I needed to get my life organized.

It is time for this. Eventually I am going to want a family picture that isn't a selfie or taken by a pro. It would help to have a tripod.

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