'Tis the Season!

To be completely honest, I am one of those crazy people that still holds on to the idea that Christmas comes after Thanksgiving. Ridiculous, I know. I am just a traditionalist that believes you can't put up the tree until you eat the turkey. Momma raised me that way. Anyway, once the turkey is gone, it is Christmas all over the place. I love it, Christmas all the time, through Christmas Day. That being said, I am really excited for a few things that come along with the Christmas season. All of which are listed in a cute little list below.

10 Things I am excited for this December:

1. Christmas Tree Lighting
Last year we attempted to go to the Christmas Tree Lighting after making Christmas cookies. Needless to say, we didn't make it. Not that I was going to complain too much, I was super pregnant. This year though, as long as the weather is decent I am so ready to go and see the lighting downtown and let Little Man stare in awe.

2. Baby Boy's 1st BirthdayHold on and let me get a cry out really quick...okay, I can do this. My baby is turning one! I really cannot believe that he has been around for a year already. I have a pretty awesome birthday party planned for him to not remember though. I'll take pictures and make sure he knows how awesome his first birthday was.

3. Christmas Movies
Not going to lie, I have already watched one. Lele was sick this weekend and we cuddled on the couch to watch Winnie the Pooh Christmas Super Sleuth (or something like that). It was a new one. I can't wait for all the other though.

4. OrnamentsI love ornaments, especially the old ones. Both Nate and I have an ornament from every year of our life (pretty much), and they add a little something extra to the tree. A little love. They are my favorite. It is our tradition to buy each other a new ornament every year now too and I love that just as much.

5. More Family TimeThanksgiving is a tease for family time. I can't wait for even more time with our families over this month. We have a birthday party and then Christmas to get our fill. Living away from both sides of family takes a toll on you eventually, and you really start missing all of those people.

6. VACATIONYes Lord, this mom needs a vaca! It is coming though, and I can't say that I am not counting down the days to the sun. Can you guess where we are going?

7. Pictures with SantaLast year we were the crazy people at the mall to have our 1 week old son's picture taken with Santa Claus. Well, this year we won't look as crazy. Time to schedule a picture with Mr. Claus.

8. Christmas CardsThankfully I was writing this post and remembered to order them today to get the savings, but I am super stoked for Christmas cards this year. Not just sending them, but receiving them also. Cards are so nice to get and I love seeing family and friends on a festive card each year. Plus, last year we didn't get to send one out because timing didn't quite work out. So hooray for Christmas cards! Anyone want to pay for stamps? Ha!

9. CookiesMmmm, cookies. This girl loves cookies, all the cookies. Even better, cookie dough. Yup, there aren't words to describe my love for the treats.

10. Laughter
As with all holiday's and family gatherings, eventually people get silly and the laughter starts to flow. There is nothing better than laughter for the soul.

What are you excited for this holiday season?

Cheers loves!

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