Making the Change

I can't tell you how many times I have told myself, "Kati, get your shit together," in reference to my workout routine. It is hard, because I let it be. Yes, it would be easier if we had a better gym. Yes, it would be easier if I had a full weight room in my house. Yes, it would be easier if I had 2 extra hours in the day.

Honestly, I could make excuses all day long. The truth is, finding time to make it work is my only problem. I come home from work and want to spend time with my family, then I get comfortable. Well I am over my own excuses and I am tired of not being happy with what I see in the mirror (especially during the summer months).

Sunday I went to the mall in search of a new swim suit. Let's just say it didn't end well. There is such a fine line when it comes to bikinis, and I am struggling to find the perfect one. Enough coverage, without looking like I am wearing a mom suit and still trendy. The search continues... here are some of my favorites so far:

Anyway, back to the fitness talk. My goal is to get stronger. I am planning on 2 days a week of lifting, 2 pilates days and 3 days of yoga (they will overlap each other some days). I am not going to focus on cardio, because I know I won't be successful if I make that a set day each week. Instead I will add it into my other workouts in smaller bursts (10 minutes at a time).

Ya, ya. Sure you will do all of this. Nope, really. It is happening this time. Here is why.

  1. In July, we will be spending time at the lake. I will be photographed in my swimsuit and I will make myself post it (accountability).
  2. I really want to achieve a certain yoga pose and have for a while now - Kapotasana or King Pigeon Pose
I hadn't really thought about how weak my arms were, until I got into Wheel Pose for the picture at the beginning of this post. Even though my arms have kept up with Leighton and carrying him around, they aren't all that strong. 

So that is that, my goals for my fitness plan. 

If any of you have good suggestions on where to shop for a cute swimsuit, please let me know. I'm so mad Victoria's Secret stopped selling them!

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