Meet the Family: The Dad

Hey, hey everyone. It is my turn to introduce myself and explain my role here.

This is Nate the ‘husband/dad’  and this is quite a bit outside of my comfort zone, but here we go. I was born and raised in Northeast Indiana with my older sister, younger twin brothers and parents. I love everything outdoors, fitness and sports related.

I chose to go to Franklin College for athletic training where I was lucky enough to meet my beautiful wife at the start of my sophomore year. I enjoyed working in the athletic training world; but when Kati and I started to talk about growing our family, I knew that the travel and the time commitment would not work. That is when Kati and I moved back to Franklin where we met and after a bit found myself in sales.

I will not repeat the rest from Kati’s post, so that’s where I will end how we got to where we are. You will notice my posts will bring the male prospective to many of Kati’s topics. I will also post on topics like fitness, injury prevention and will also be touching on the projects that Kati and I will be tackling together.

That is that. Talk to you again soon!

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