Meet the Family: The Mom

We are going to walk through each member of the Blair family over the next few weeks. This way you can really understand who is behind this blog. Yes, I (the mom) am typically the one writing the posts, but this place is made up of each of us. Let's get on with it shall we?

Hi, I am Kati. Wife of Nate, mom to Leighton and Remington, and millennial woman. I was born in Vermont, and have been an Indiana resident for the majority (almost all) of my life.

After high school, I attended Franklin College and studied Public Relations (major), Social Work (minor) and Graphic Design (minor). Outside of class I was involved in sports for a couple of years, a student events club and my sorority - Pi Beta Phi. Nate and I met my first weekend at school and that was that really.

We got married and lived in Fort Wayne for a while. Like I mentioned last week, jobs changed and we moved twice. During all of that time we also got a dog and had our first child.

Now I am an Account Executive at an advertising agency, I work with a local boutique, DIY projects are a favorite of mine and my mommy brain is always going a million miles a minute.

So, what will you see from me here? Mom thoughts, my style, hair and makeup tips for a normal, everyday lady and probably a project or two. Really, I just want to share our life with you all. I am not perfect, none of us are. Why should we pretend we are?

Hope you are as excited as I am for this journey!

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