Let's Go for a Hike

The weather in Indiana is less than predictable. A few weeks ago we were sweating our way through a hike, and now we are bundled up in sweaters again. It is killer, let me tell ya.
Anyway, we aren't here to complain. We are here to talk about that hike!
We are lucky to live where we do. Not only are we close enough to both sides of our family that we get to visit them often, but we also are really close to some cool "adventures". The first of our adventures came a couple of weeks ago when we traveled south to Brown County State Park.
We packed up our Lunchables, peanuts, and granola bars (and water) and we headed out. Thankfully, we had this spiffy new backpack carrier to hold Leighton. I had hiked with him in a different pack before and it was not ideal. This one was great though! Nate really thought it was comfortable and L seemed to enjoy it also.
Nate picked our trail and it ended up being a pretty good one. The views were great and the distance was just about right. By the end L was sleeping and we were exhausted.

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Thank goodness for water! Not only was this water pretty to look at and a pretty addition to a landscape picture, but it tasted great and was a good sized bottle. Thanks again to Influenster for sending me a complimentary bottle to review. It sure came in handy!
So, there you have it. The first of many Blair family adventures this year. We want to head back down and take on a couple of other trails later this year. It is a great warm up for a trip to Vermont and the hiking that awaits us there.
Anyone have any must have hiking items for hiking with a little one? Share them in the comments, and while your here you can shop my look:

Have a great day everyone!

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