The Tan Life: Picking a Spray Tan Artist

I used to be a sun worshipping, tanning-crazed girl. Seriously, I look back at pictures from high school and college and wonder why no-one told me to chill out on the tanning (my family claims it was because I would cry if they did). 

Not only did it look bad, but it was a terrible habit that was damaging my skin. Now I did get lucky. Recently while getting a facial, my esthetician (love her) looked at my skin with this light to see sun damage and told me I really only had a spot on the tip of my nose. That was a relief as I was expecting to hear much worse. Now I don't take any chances. I wear sunscreen on the daily and if I do lay out, I wear at least 30 (sometimes 50). 

With all that sun protection I really don't get much color, obviously. I want the color though, I hate being pale (it is not a look I can pull off). So, how do you get the color without the damage? Spray tans! That wonderful esthetician I mentioned earlier is also my spray tan artist, and I see her pretty regularly. 

My usual routine is to see her on a Wednesday or Thursday, shower the next morning (following her instruction sheet) and rock my tan for a week and a half. I will do another post on home maintenance/best-practices for extending the length of your spray tan next week. 

Before, 1 hour after spray, next morning after a shower.
(Unfortunately, I didn't have the same lighting for each so the color isn't exact. I was much darker by the end than when I started and it doesn't show that way.)

After a trip to Danielle, I have a healthy glow. She makes sure to match my skin tone so I never look orange. The color is just right too! We have tested out a few different formulas and have found my perfect match. Getting a spray tan can be a little uncomfortable at first, but if you have a great artist all the nerves (from standing naked in front of a stranger) just melt away. 

If you are in the Franklin, IN area you should definitely check her out (Danielle at Wild Child Tans). If not, check out why you should go to a person instead of a machine for your spray tan, and some tips she shared below for finding a spray tan artist in your area:

Person vs. Machine

When you pick a spray tan artist, you should receive a consultation to determine your skin tone, your goals, and why you are tanning. A good salon will offer multiple shades for different skin tones. (Currently, I offer six colors and am adding two more.) Each solution is made up of a percentage of DHA.

However, a machine tends to offer less color options and will use extra coats for a darker color. This is really a waste of money essentially. Adding extra coats of the tanning solution isn't making the percentage of DHA any higher, only adding layers of bronzer (which rinses off).

Questions to ask when finding a good spray tan artist:

  • Is the shop clean
  • Have they been in business a while?
  • Did they go to cosmetology school?
  • Do they try and educate you before your first spray?
  • Are they using name brand products?
  • Have you heard anything about them from friends?
  • Were you able to find positive or negative reviews online?

Hopefully you learned a thing or two about finding a spray tan artist and why a person is better than a machine. Anyone else out there a spray tan fan?

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for my spray tan routine (at-home care) and my self-tan routine (when I can't get in for a spray).

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