Summer as a Blair

How in the world is it July already!? I feel like the days of the calendar are flying by. Anyone else feel that way? Anyone?

So as the days have been flying by, the Blair house has been staying super busy. I thought I would fill you in, just in case you don't follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. Really, we give you plenty of ways to keep up. 

Let's start in May. We started with a wedding (as guests) for the first two weekends. The third, I had a bridal shower, then the fourth I did makeup for a bridal party. 

On to June. The first weekend I had another bachelorette party. Weekend 2, Nate and I both had bachelor/bachelorette parties to go to. The third weekend we attended a wedding (that I also did makeup for a bridal party for) of one of my college roommates. And the 4th weekend was another wedding (another bridal party makeup job), this time it was Nate's brother's wedding. 

When we hit July I sighed a huge sigh of relief. We survived!

Since we were so busy for those first two months, we did NOTHING for the 4th. It was so, so nice to just be at home. Of course we couldn't just be lazy and do nothing. Well, we did go to the winery on Sunday, July 2nd. It was hot, but the music was great and so was the wine! Monday, July 3rd we had new windows put in. Our house is 140 years old and the windows were less than efficient. These new ones are such a huge improvement. We opened them on a cool morning and it was such a great feeling. 

We didn't make it to the fireworks. Leighton legitimately asked to go to bed at 9 o'clock, the fireworks didn't start until quarter after 10. Nate and I were able to see them from our living room though, so we got to enjoy them from the A/C at least. 

This weekend was another one at home. Friday night we made it out to a restaurant in town we hadn't been to yet. The burgers and beer were a great way to wait out the storm. 

Did anyone else have a crazy downpour on Friday?

Saturday, we had family from both sides come into town. It was nice to spend time with loved ones, even if just for a little while. Plus, they brought me wine so that is a plus. 

Finally, we made it to Sunday. After a biscuit and gravy breakfast, our company left and we decided to tackle a project. So we painted a room. I love it! No final pictures until I get it decorated, but you can see bits and pieces on social.

I've got a full week of work left before I hit vacation. I. Can't. Wait. Give me that lake life! 

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