Baby #2: Week 19

Man, oh man! The time is flying by. I really can't believe we are almost halfway through this pregnancy and that we will be meeting this sweet little munchkin sooner than later. 

We are still holding back on getting things set up in the nursery and buying things for this baby until we find out what it is and after Christmas. Come January we will move Leighton into his new bedroom and once he is settled we will move on to baby.

Let's talk symptoms. 

Week 19. Honestly, not much has happened this week. The nosebleeds continued, and I've had a few headaches here and there. I have been having some round ligament pain though when I lift Leighton wrong, move weird while trying to get comfortable at night and other random times. It feels like I am getting poked in the stomach, but from the outside. Such a weird feeling.

Pants are super uncomfortable now, but that is expected. Really though outside of that and the continued lower back pain, I have not been having much of an issue. I am getting super bored with food though, any good pregnancy snack suggestions are much appreciated. 

Let's talk about the baby.

Baby is the size of a mango (5.5-6 inches and about 7 ounces). Permanent teeth buds start to form behind the milk tooth buds. It might also start sleeping this week, which is pretty much the cutest thing to think about.

This kid loves to dance around in my lower abdomen at night. However I definitely am feeling cramped in my ribcage already throughout the day.

And that is all for now. I am starting to come up with a list of things we need for transitioning to a life with a two-year-old and a toddler. If you have any suggestions of things that were super helpful send them my way!

Thanks for stopping in!

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