Leighton Turns TWO!

Is it just me, or is parenthood a constant roller coaster of hypocritical thoughts?

Hear me out. Last week, we got a note from Leighton's daycare saying that as long as we were comfortable with it, they were okay with him starting to wear underwear during the day instead of diapers. UNDERWEAR. Not pull-ups, underwear. I had such conflicting emotions about this. On one hand I was incredibly proud that my almost two-year-old was making it through the day without wetting his diaper. On the other hand, I couldn't believe that we were having this conversation before my baby turned two. 

Nate and I have always made sure to help Leighton be an independent kid. We are constantly helping him learn and explore. Obviously that means he is growing up. As much as I want to see him grow and be successful, a selfish part of me wants to keep him as my snugly little baby forever. 

That time is passing quickly, today our "baby" turns two. 

We had his party earlier in the month and he was such a good boy. Both Nate and I had been warned that this birthday could be the toughest behaviorally especially when it comes to opening presents. Leighton did really well though. After each present he said thank you, and if he was particularly interested in what he just opened I distracted him by having him go and give that person a hug. 

There were a few other kids at the party this time and with some encouraging from us parents, they all got along pretty well for toddlers. I was particularly interested in how he would interact with the other kids since in 4ish months he will have another little human to share the spotlight with. 

We did a party animal theme for his party this year, and I did NOT go over the top with it like I originally planned. The business of the month got the best of me and that is okay. 

So, let's chat a bit about this little boy of ours. 

Facts About Leighton Wayne Blair

  1. Sleeps through the night on an open bed (mattress is on the floor in a cute frame Nate built).
  2. Takes one nap during the day.
  3. Still LOVES books and reading. 
  4. Is a huge fan of bath time and loves to "swim" in the bubbles. 
  5. Loves his dog Remi.
  6. Is speaking in broken sentences. Sometimes we can understand the full sentence and sometimes it is still have Leighton language.
  7. Sings songs along with us and randomly on his own.
  8. Really loves eating applesauce. All the applesauce. 
  9. Has gotten much, much better at letting us brush his teeth. 
  10. Is OBSESSED with Paw Patrol. 
  11. Give the best hugs and kisses a parent could ask for.
  12. Says "I'm funny" now when he makes us or himself laugh. 
  13. Thinks we are having a baby sister (we will know for real soon!).
  14. Gets extremely excited every time the Christmas Tree lights come on. 
  15. Will NOT eat mashed potatoes or Ranch dressing, but loves salad (even if it is just shredded lettuce, sour cream and guacamole from my plate at a Mexican restaurant).

    Ugh, I can't believe he is turning two already.

    The years have flown by, but we have loved every second of them. I can't wait to see how he grows over this next year and how he takes to being a big brother. We are so very thankful to call him ours. 

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