Christmas at Home

I love decorating for Christmas. With us moving multiple times in the past few years, my ornaments are kind of a mix of different things that have been reworked based on our space. It has all seemed to come together pretty nicely though. 

I figured with the big day quickly approaching I would share what we DO have up and list a few things I am planning on ramping up/adding next year!

To Buy: 

1. More Garland
I want it on the stairs outside, across the doorways inside, over the windows. Greenery everywhere.

2. Christmas Pillows
Our couches just feel like they are missing something. There are no festive pillows or blankets. That will be fixed.

3. A Wreath
This is our third house, I have never owned a wreath to hang on my door. Um, what!? 

4. New Stockings
Now that we know we are having another boy, I want to get our for sure stockings and maybe put initials or names on them. We will see what happens!

5. Flower Arrangements
We have this wine rack turned floral focal point on our wall in the living room. I had absolutely nothing in it for Christmas. Really my goal is to be able to switch out the flowers there each season, but it is a work in progress. 

Those are my top things to add for next year. If you know of any great sales on Christmas decor let me know! I am planning on getting a little bit of it right here after Christmas to take advantage of some of the sales. 

Hope you all are having a great start to your holiday season!

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